21: What’s Your Personality Type? With Human Design Expert, Jenna Zoe

Photo of Jenna Zoe

Ok so this episode is likely to feel life changing. Sounds dramatic? Maybe…but it it is a really really great episode. After listening to it you will be able to much better understand your energy type and how you should be living. My guest is Jenna Zoe. She is the World leading authority on Human Design and helps people understand their unique personality type so in Jenna’s words ” you can become the most you version of you that you are meant to be.” Jenna is herself a podcast host, a regular on many leading podcasts, shares amazing insights on social media and is the go to girl for anything Human Design related. She is also a really beautiful soul, full of positivity and innate wisdom.

To find out your human design you can go to https://www.mybodygraph.com and to find out about Jenna’s courses to learn more about human design visit www.jennazoe.com and @jennazoe on Instagram.

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