Blog fifty nine: Jade Roller VS Rose Quartz Roller: Which Is Best?

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Although I will always be a fan of ‘hands first’ when it comes to facial massage, I also love a tool to add variety and a different aspect to my Face Yoga routine. Crystal rollers are great choice for lifting and smoothing the face naturally and helping skincare products absorb into the skin.

Facial rollers can be made of a whole variety of crystals and stone, but the two most common are jade and rose quartz facial rollers. Crystal facial rollers are more than a pretty tool to keep in your bathroom, they have specific healing properties that help transform your skin and your well-being. 

Today, I am going to explain the difference between a jade and rose quartz facial roller. We will also talk about some things you should consider before choosing the perfect one for you.

Benefits of Using a Facial Roller

Before we get into discussing jade and rose quartz rollers, let’s talk about the benefits of facial rolling.

First, facial rollers help massage the skin and the muscles in the face. As we already know, a good face massage reduces puffiness and keeps skin healthy. 

Regular massages with a facial roller also increase blood circulation, which helps reduce dark under-eye circles and decrease the look of large pores.

With many facial roller options out there, how do you narrow down your choices? 

Here’s what you need to know about the two common types of rollers:

Rose Quartz Roller 

This lovely pink stone represents love, beauty, and inner healing. Often associated with the heart chakra, the rose quartz is believed to foster self-love. 

Rose quartz is composed of minerals like magnesium, iron, and sodium. It’s believed that when rolled onto the skin, the weight of these minerals helps reduce inflammation and support cell renewal. 

Rolling a rose quartz on your skin also promotes collagen production — this helps keep skin firm and healthy. Rose quartz is also a cool crystal, so it cools the skin on contact. Therefore, it’s perfect for sensitive skin, teenage skin or very mature skin. It is also renowned for use in the morning. 

For best results, store your rose quartz roller in the refrigerator for an enhanced cooling effect. 

Try this 3 Minute Rose Quartz Roller Routine For Glowing Skin video

Jade Roller

Symbolising longevity and grace, jade crystal has been around for centuries. But their origin lies in Chinese history. Also known as the “Stone of Heaven”, these gorgeous green crystals were used to keep skin beautiful and supple. Jade crystals were also sought after in ancient times to relieve muscle pain and aid in muscle recovery.

So makes jade crystal great for your skin?

Jade is a naturally warm stone, so it warms the skin on contact. This eases irritation and redness — giving you an even tone and glowing complexion. It is a great choice at any point in the day. When rolled onto the skin, the weight of the jade mineral helps reduce puffiness and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. 

This stone also has healing properties for your spirit and well-being. Jade is known to encourage a sense of inner peace, relieves irritability, and attracts abundance. Some believe that using a jade facial roller can help treat blood circulation disorders. 

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Considerations When Choosing a Crystal Facial Roller 

Now that we know some of the benefits of each crystal roller, let’s look at a few things to consider before purchasing one:

Use Your Intuition

When it comes to choosing a crystal facial roller, use your intuition. Which type of roller do you gravitate towards? 

If you’re feeling emotionally sensitive and could use a boost of pure energy, a rose quartz roller is ideal. 

Want to attract good luck and eliminate irritability? Opt for a jade roller. 

It’s worth noting that the crystals themselves aren’t a one-stop-shop for total wellness and personal transformation. They’re simply tools that help you achieve relaxation and a positive mood.

Buy Ethically and Sustainably

Not all crystal facial rollers are created equal. Some on the market are unethically sourced and low quality. A facial roller with poor quality materials may deteriorate faster, and the small cracks in the crystal could damage the skin over time. So, it’s crucial to choose your facial rollers wisely and assess whether they were produced ethically and with genuine materials. 

Skin Type and Condition

Crystal facial rollers are safe to use for the most part. However, if you have certain skin conditions, use caution. If you have extremely inflamed skin or cystic acne, a facial roller may cause more irritation. To be on the safe side, consult with a physician or dermatologist before using a facial roller. 

For more on Jade and Rose Quartz rollers listen to my podcast here

Tips for Using a Crystal Facial Roller

Wondering how to maximise the benefits of a crystal facial roller? Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Begin with your typical skincare routine — ensuring to cleanse your skin with a mild and pH- balanced cleanser.
  • Gently massage a moisturiser or serum onto your skin and neck and start with downward moves on the neck.
  • Next, starting at your chin, take your crystal facial roller and gently roll it in an upward motion.
  • Next, move onto your cheeks and forehead. Be sure to work from the centre of your face outward.
  • Complete a minimum of three rolls per area of the face, finish rolling down the side of the neck again. 
  • Clean facial roller with soap and warm water after each use. Pat it dry to avoid rusting and tarnishing.

Roll Your Way to Radiant Skin

A crystal facial roller is a great beauty and skincare investment. These tools allow you to massage delicate areas of your face and achieve radiant skin.

When it comes to comparing the jade or rose quartz roller, both play a role in self-care and make a great addition to your skincare routine. Go with your gut and choose the facial roller that speaks to you.

If you are still unsure on which roller is for you, watch this video

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