56: How To Tone Sagging Jowls And Cheeks In 3 Easy Steps: With Celeb Facialist Nichola Joss

Nichola Joss

Nichola Joss is one of the beauty industry’s most revered skincare experts.Not only has her advice and work been featured in some of the world’s most prominent women’s magazines such as Vogue, In Style and Marie Claire, Nichola is the beauty therapist of choice for a bevy of A-list beauties such as Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank and Gisele Bundchen. In this week’s episode we chat about:

  • How to look after the skin at home
  • Why we can tone muscles from inside the mouth
  • The impact of stress on the face
  • The pros and cons of injectables
  • The skin microbiome
  • 3 massages to tone the jaw and cheek area
  • How Nichola designed the Inner Facial
  • Nichola’s daily wellness routine
  • Nichola’s top tip for inner peace

You can contact Nichola via instagram @nicholajoss and via http://www.nicholajoss.com

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