80: Do You Have Imposter Syndrome And Is It Affecting Your Mind, Body, Face And Career?

The Face Yoga Expert Podcast

Natalie Costa is an award winning coach, author and speaker and an expert in the power of our thoughts and emotions. In this interesting, informative and actionable episode we discuss how to feel a happier, healthier version of ourself and how to identify and deal with Imposter Syndrome. This week we discuss:

  • Natalie’s journey in to coaching
  • The power of our mind and our thoughts
  • What Imposter Syndrome is 
  • How Imposter Syndrome can affect our mind, body and face
  • How it can affect our work/business/career
  • How we can feel more positive and reduce Imposter Syndrome 
  • Natalie’s wellness routine and tips for inner peace 

You can connect with Natalie on Instagram at @powerthoughtsnc and via her website powerthoughts.co.uk
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