30: The Best Way To Reduce Under Eye Puffiness: With Susie Willis

Photo of Susie Willis

Susie’s story is wonderful. With a strong expertise in clean and plant-based ingredients, Susie’s interest evolved to the clean, ethical skincare space. The concept for Romilly Wilde, her skincare brand, started to become a reality, and using her passion for nutritionally dense, natural processes and preservation, her knowledge gave her the confidence to launch Romilly Wilde. Romilly Wilde launched with its ‘capsule’ collection in September 2016 and is now available in Harrods and Harvey Nichols, as well as via its own e-commerce platform, and is regularly featured in the press and has a multitude of VIP fans. In this episode Susie shares some super simple ways that we can look after our skin and our mind better and talks about the under eye area in particular and what we can all to reduce and prevent issues around the eyes naturally. Follow Susie here: Instagram @cleanmuse @romillywilde

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