33: What You Can REALLY Do For Your Open Pores: With Facialist Michaella Bolder

Photo of Michaella Bolder

Pen and paper at the ready! This episode is packed full of so many product suggestions, beauty tips and wellness hacks that you will want to take note of them all. My guest this week is Michaella Bolder who is the go to facialist and tanning expert for so many major celebrities and brands. With over 15 years experience working in some of London’s top beauty venues and the global expert for countless beauty companies, Michaella knows a lot when it comes to the face! We chat about her own skincare journey which started as a young child to how she manages her routine now with a new baby. Michaella shares a lot of super helpful information about what we can do for open or enlarged pores, acne prone skin and how we can look and feel great if we are stuck for time. You can contact Micahella via michaellabolder.com or on Instagram @michaellabolder

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