34: This Is How To Do Natural Make Up Really Well (Whatever Your Skin Tone or Colour)

Photo of Divya Jagadeesh

Divya Jagadeesh is my guest this week and she gives some great advice on how to match make up to your skin colour (and talks about brands that are inclusive of all skin colours) as well as how to get a flawless look whilst looking really natural. As an LA based make up artist specialising in weddings and events, Divya shares her story, her passion for wellness and her expertise in this informative episode. This episode goes much deeper than make up though. We talk about the notions and feelings of not being enough and not feeling worthy and explore simple ways to help our minds feel calmer and stronger in the society that we live in. You can follow Divya on Instagram @divyajagadeeshmakeup and visit her website divyajagadeeshmakeup.com

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  1. Dawn says:

    Sat in my beautiful evolving garden in Dorset, in my egg chair doing my newly found face yoga whilst listening…….relating to your guests comments…At 50 I’ve had to struggle through life…feeling all those thought of self loathing….I found Danielle by chance two weeks ago and for the first time I’m feeling a new way of life beginning..baby steps. Loving the podcasts…taking it all on board…Thankyou

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