42: Feeling Overwhelmed With Life? This Easy Daily Tapping Technique Will Help With Poppy Delbridge

Poppy Delbridge

Poppy Delbridge is a leading Mindset Coach, Strategic Success Mentor and Intuitive Energy Worker empowering women to be agents of positive change in their lives and work. In this weeks episode, Poppy and I chat about how we can all feel overwhelmed and what to do about it. Poppy shares exactly how we can use simple tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique, to feel less stressed and live a life full of possibilities. This episode will leave you excited to feel good from the inside out and give you a tool for life you can easily use every day.You can get it touch with Poppy on Instagram @poppydelbridge, @houseofpossibility, @theempressway, on Facebook, House of Possibility and via her website poppydelbridge.com

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  1. Susie says:

    Poppy was splendid on your podcast, my fav colour red too! is there a YouTube video to see the tapping technique?
    Thanks so much🥰

  2. Dawn says:

    Well I finally got to listen on my precious days from work. It all seems very interesting…I must be the most negative and self sabotaging person on the planet. I struggle everyday to cope with the outside world.. I constantly beat myself up over things that have happened throughout my 50 years and it has made me so tired…..and little strength mentally.. could all this really change how I am..what a great release that would be

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