29. Why My Intuition Sometimes Scares Me: Getting Very Real Today With Shanti Faiia

Photo of Shanti Faiia

If you thought I was a little crazy before, you definitely will after this weeks episode as I tell you some things which may really surprise you! So what are we chatting about this week? Gut instinct, intuition, inner wisdom. Whatever you call it, it’s that feeling you get deep inside your body when you know something is right or wrong. It’s that sense of yourself which is all knowing, fully feeling and at peace. But we often don’t listen to it because we are too busy, too tired or just listening to others around us too much. This weeks guest is Yoga teacher, healer and breath work specialist Shanti Faiia. She has a unique and special way of helping us all understand how we can feel healthier, happier and more in tune with our inner self. We both go pretty deep and vulnerable and talk about how listening to intuition really makes us feel. So if you love wellness, healing and anything holistic, you are going to love this episode!

You can connect with Shanti through her websitehttps://www.shantifaiia.com, Instagram @shantifaiia or Facebook Shanti Faiia.

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