122: I turned 40 this week- here’s how I REALLY feel about it

the face yoga expert podcast

It’s my birthday! This week is a simple solo episode from the heart where I chat about turning 40 and what my week has been like (with some unexpected turns!) as well as how I feel about starting this new decade.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Danielle
    Just wanted to say loved this week’s podcast on turning 40.
    To me you are looking more beautiful both inside and out with each year. You are an inspiration.
    Thank you.

  2. Marilyn salini says:

    Danielle I loved your blog happy birthday I’m sorry you woke up unwell on your 40th but I loved your attitude I wrote you last week that I am turning 80 which is unbelievable and I’m still trying to digest it I was supposed to have a tooth pulled today first time ever in my life and I was a wreck over it and I woke up with a terrible cold first time in years – why today ? But I agree with you we are so lucky to be the age we are I’ve had a fabulous life but I am hoping and praying for another good 10 years I have a small health problem which could escalate so I am going to take care of it and see if we can slow it down
    I’m very healthy I’m very energetic and trying to enjoy every day I wish you the best a so glad I found you on YouTube and I am told I do not look my age in anyway shape or form but I’m hoping the face yoga will even increase those compliments in the coming months. get well and happy happy 40th I can only wish that’s what I was now but not complaining.

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