18: My Most Vulnerable Episode Ever: Chatting Coronavirus, Fear and Healing with Kelsey Patel

Head & shoulders photo of Kelsey Patel

This episode ended up being something different from what I expected! My guest this week is Kelsey J Patel who is an LA based reiki master, motivational speaker, meditation teacher and EFT practitioner. She works with celebrities, has a wonderful podcast of her own and is launching her brand new book, Burning Bright, this month. In this episode I open up about my first transformational moment 17 years ago when I healed from illness, my fears as a wife and mother during this Coronavirus lockdown and share my thoughts on how the world is changing. Kelsey also shares her story from stressed out corporate life to her current reality and talks about her fears and hopes for this present time. She also gives us so much wisdom about self care, healing and dealing with fear. Kelsey finishes the session leading us through a healing meditation. I ended the session feeling like I had had some therapy myself and Kelsey definitely encouraged me to step completely in to my truth and authenticity in this moment. I think you may well feel the same! You can keep it touch with Kelsey on Instagram @kelseyjpatel and via her website kelseyjpatel.com

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  1. Loved this! As a Face Yoga teacher and a Reiki Master I found this podcast super interesting and inspiring. Thanks Danielle and Kelsey x

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