11: Are You Heading Towards Burnout? Here’s How To Find Out: With Rosie Millen AKA Miss Nutritionist

Head & shoulders photo of Rosie Millen, Miss Nutritionist

This episode is essential listening for ALL of us. Rosie Millen, also known as Miss Nutritionist, is an internationally renowned authority on burnout, nutrition and lifestyle. Rosie shares her story of collapsing one day, climbing in to bed and not being able to move for 3 years. She healed herself from this chronic burnout with wellness techniques and now dedicates her life to sharing this with others. She tells us how to spot the early signs of burnout, what to do if stress is affecting us and gives solutions to us if we are already burning out. Its an informative, honest and inspiring episode which can help us all feel a little better in this crazy thing called life!

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  1. Lynne Humphries says:

    I loved listening to the podcast
    Very informative and interesting
    I have just started taking magnesium
    After listening to you on how important it is I’m only 61,also my husband is taking it too 🙏

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