Blog 161: 5 Simple Tips to Get Clearer Skin Today

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In this blog post, I’m sharing five simple, quick, and easy tips that will help you to avoid breakouts and keep your skin looking clearer. No special equipment or products needed for any of these – they are all things you can start doing today.

I’ve tried to concentrate on tips that aren’t often talked about, but that can make a big difference to how our skin looks. So, if you aren’t already doing everything on the list, now is the time to begin!

1. Change Your Pillowcase Regularly

Dirt, makeup, and bacteria can quickly build up on our pillowcases. Then, when we lie down to sleep, all that dirt transfers onto our skin, increasing the likelihood of breakouts and acne.

To help keep your skin clearer, I suggest changing your pillowcase at least every other day. It might sound like a lot, but it will mean you aren’t sleeping all night with your skin on a surface that isn’t clean.

2. Clean Your Phone Every Day

Another item that is quick to gather dirt and bacteria is your phone. Most of us take our phones with us wherever we go, which means they are exposed to all sorts of different environments. Then, when we make phone calls or listen to voice notes, we press our phones against our skin and the dirt can easily transfer to our faces.

You can help to reduce the number of bacteria you transfer from your phone to your face by cleaning your phone every day. This is especially vital if you make a lot of phone calls.

3. Keep Hydrated

OK, this is probably advice you have heard before, but how many of us actually drink as much water as we should? Staying well hydrated makes such a difference to our skin, as well as our overall wellness.

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. The NHS advise drinking 6-8 cups or glasses of water or other sugar-free drinks (such as herbal tea) each day. 

4. Remove Your Makeup

We all have the best of intentions, but late nights can mean we end up skipping the vital step of taking off our makeup before bedtime. Make this a priority, however, if you want to keep your skin clear and avoid breakouts. 

Taking off your makeup every single night and making sure you go to bed with a completely clean face helps to give your skin a chance to repair and renew while you sleep.

5. Take Time for Yourself

It is no secret that I am a passionate advocate of taking time for self-care. When we have moments in our day that are dedicated to our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, it helps to lower our stress levels.

This has so many benefits for our health, including our skin. Stress can play havoc with our hormones but taking regular time for self-care helps to bring them back into balance again. In turn, this reduces the chance of breakouts and helps our skin look clearer and brighter.

Daily Habits Make the Biggest Difference

I’m a huge proponent of the value of small, daily habits for our health and wellness. Tips like these might seem simple, but they have a noticeable impact on our skin – and the rest of our wellbeing too.

If you’d like more ideas for how you can look after your skin and make self-care a priority, make sure you follow me on social media and on YouTube. I share regular, free face yoga classes, facial massage techniques, and skincare tips to help you look and feel your best.

  1. Archna kohli says:

    Excellent and simple tips can be easily followed by anyone .Keeping posting such tips.Mam tell me an easy and natural tips fr Grey hair problem in eyebrows and regrowing of hair in eyebrow to make it thick.

  2. Rabia Awais says:

    In these stressful times of life you’re truly a breath of fresh air for me Thankyou for making me realise I need to take time out for myself n to love me ❤️😇

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