Blog Ten: 5 Ways To Get Better Skin Naturally

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When you think of Face Yoga, facial exercises or massages probably come to mind. But there is one underestimated element — wellness. 

You can do hours of Face Yoga, but you won’t see the best results without looking after your mind and body. Overall wellness plays a major role in the appearance and condition of your skin and face.

Today, I delve into ways you can take care of your mind, body, and spirit. I even give recommendations on products that help enhance your self-care. 

What Does Wellness Mean?

Wellness means more than the absence of physical illness, it’s a state of mind that brings total balance.

When I say total balance I mean a balance in multiple aspects of your life: emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and mental. 

How does wellness correlate to your skin’s appearance? Stress and poor habits reduce the amount of collagen in your skin — this speeds up the ageing process. 

With the strain of daily demands, achieving can make achieving wellness a challenge. However, there are ways you can prioritise it.

How Can You Achieve Wellness?

Working wellness into your life doesn’t have to be complicated. Below are easy techniques for prioritising your mental, physical, and emotional health. 


One of the best ways to reduce stress and optimise your health is through exercise. Of course, you don’t have to do strenuous workout to get the benefits out of exercise. 

The key here is to do something you genuinely enjoy — this way you’re more motivated to do it. 


Many of us don’t make enough time to rest throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to step away from obligations. Also, be sure to fill the time with mindfulness.

Instead of reaching for your phone, become aware of what’s going on around you. Live in the present moment.


We all can use better quality sleep. The secret to getting more sleep per night is by setting the mood. What we mean by this is to create an environment that is conducive for sleep.

I encourage you to reduce screen time at least two hours before bedtime. One sleep accessory that promotes deep sleep and better skin is the Sleep and Glow pillow (Enter Faceyoga10 at checkout for discount) .It provides neck support while sleeping and prevents facial creasing.


Proper nutrition is one of the essential elements of total wellness. A diet high in refined sugars, processed food and caffeine are detrimental for your physical health and skin.

A way you can get your daily serving of skin friendly nutrition is through ensuring you have adequate amounts of vegetables, fruits, legumes, protein, good fats, slow releasing carbohydrates and of course water. You can even top up with a daily supplement.

One of my favourite beauty supplements is Rejuvenated Skin Perfecting Complex (Use the code DC for a discount) It boosts your natural collagen production and helps retain skin’s smoothness.

Positive Affirmations

Relaxation is an understated component of wellness. One way to enhance your relaxation and improve your emotional health is through positive affirmations. 

The purpose of positive affirmations is to change your mindset and train your brain to challenge negative thoughts.

For example, if a negative thought in your mind says, “I have lines around my eyes”, try to switch it to “I am beautiful around my eyes”. 

Positive affirmations work best when you’re in a calm and mindful state — like during meditation. 

When you recite your affirmations, become aware of tensions in your face and body. Try to relax and release tightness. 

Merge Wellness and Face Yoga

I hope you are inspired to make wellness a top priority. Aside from beauty benefits, taking care of your mind, body, and soul will transcend into many areas of your life. 

For more ways you can merge wellness and face yoga, be sure to subscribe to my podcast The Face Yoga Expert Podcast

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