57: Here’s 5 Ways To Boost Collagen In Your Skin Through Food: With Nutrition Expert Star Khechara


Star Khechara has 20 years experience in the nutrition and skincare industry. She is the founder of the Academy of Beauty Nutrition and author of multiple anti ageing nutrition books.
In this weeks episode we talk about:

  • The importance of food for anti ageing
  • What collagen is
  • Foods that don’t help collagen
  • The 5 top foods to help boost collagen in the skin
  • How to stay on track with food over Christmas and New Year
  • Star’s favourite foods
  • Star’s daily wellness rituals
  • Star’s top tip for inner peace

You can connect with Star at https://www.academyofbeautynutrition.com and @beautynutritionacademy

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