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The skin in our cheek area can often look dull and tired, especially first thing in the morning. If you are finding this, or just notice that your skin isn’t looking as vibrant and healthy as it should throughout the day, this short sequence is for you.

These three facial massage moves can be done at any time of the day. They only take a few minutes but can help wake up your skin and get the circulation moving.

Before You Start

If you can, I suggest doing this with a clean face. Applying some facial serum before you start helps too – it lets your fingers move over your skin more smoothly to take the massage deeper. 

I like to use my serum, Fusion by Danielle Collins, which was developed specifically for face yoga and facial massage. Its non-greasy formula is deeply moisturising and helps your fingers to glide over your skin without pulling.

But if you just want a quick option during the day to increase the vibrancy of your cheek area, you can do this with makeup on too. Just make sure your hands are completely clean before you begin.

Move 1: Pinching

Take both hands to your cheeks. Using all your fingers and your thumb, pinch and lift the skin and then release it. Repeat the movement all over your cheek area, continuing for up to a minute.

You want to get into the muscle here, not just the skin. It helps to boost the circulation and release tension in this area. You should feel the warmth rising in your cheeks as you continue with the move.

At the same time, concentrate on deepening and lengthening your breath to help you relax and get a good flow of oxygen into your body.

As you continue to pinch and release the skin, rest the tip of your tongue lightly against the back of your teeth. This helps to strengthen the muscles of the tongue and holds your lower face in a good posture.

Move 2: Flicking

Take the index and middle finger of each hand underneath the corresponding cheekbone, starting near your nose.

Using a quick flicking motion, push your fingers up under your cheekbone and lift off. Repeat the movement, working your way along your cheekbones and back again several times.

This move is wonderful for getting the energy moving in your cheeks. It also boosts your circulation, increasing the blood flow to your skin to supply your cells with the oxygen and nutrients they need.

Move 3: Smoothing

This final move is a gentle and relaxing one after working quite vigorously with your cheek area in the previous two steps.

Take your hands to either side of your nose. Your thumbs rest on your face and your little fingers face outward, so your hands are almost in a prayer position. 

Lightly smooth your hands down and around, following underneath the line of your cheekbones. When you reach your temples, lift your hands off and replace them at your nose to repeat the move.

Continue to do this for around a minute. As you do, remember to keep your breathing long and deep. Inhale for a count of four and exhale for a count of six, filling your lungs fully.

This calming move is lovely for releasing tension and tightness in the skin. Combined with deep breathing, it is a very soothing end to this short massage sequence.

I love short sequences like this because they are so easy to fit into your day. These three facial massage moves only take a few minutes. But if you use them consistently, you will be surprised at how much difference they make to the vibrancy and brightness of your cheeks.

I share other short routines like this regularly on Instagram and via YouTube. You can also download my apps to have a library of face yoga routines on hand whenever you need them. 

And if you’d like to take your Face Yoga practice deeper and share your knowledge with others, I run Teacher Training courses on face yoga so that you can become a certified practitioner. I’ve recently added a Facial Gua Sha accreditation course too. You can find out more about teacher training here.

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