Blog forty three: 8 Facial Yoga Moves to Lift and Brighten the Skin Naturally

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Face yoga is one of the best ways to naturally lift and brighten the face. These facial exercises will give you a lovely non-surgical face lift. They release stress and energise your entire face. Your skin, muscles, lymphatic system, and circulation all benefit.

You can do this routine as often as you like. As part of your daily routine or whenever you want an energising boost.

If your skin looks a little tired, the exercises will give you a wonderful inner and outer glow.

The entire routine will take around 5-6 minutes to complete.

Before You Get Started

Always cleanse your hands and face before beginning. You can apply a touch of face serum to help your fingers glide across your skin.

It’s best to use a natural skin care serum, like my botanical based, organic and vegan Fusion Serum. This will deeply nurture your skin as you work, leaving you with an even more radiant glow.

Settle yourself down and take some deep breaths. Keep breathing deeply as you exercise. This helps oxygenate, cleanse, and nourish your system.

Move One.

Start by placing your hands together, then bring them towards your face and over your nose. Make sure you have enough face serum on, for your hands to move smoothly across your face.

Sweep your hands down along the nasolabial area, around the lower cheeks, and up your temples.

Repeat this motion three times, using gentle pressure. Your skin is beginning to wake up and revitalize.

Use your breath as well. Breathe deeply and calmly, in and out through your nose. This is one of your best tools for energising your body.

Now, bring your fingers up to the temples. Gently massage your temples in small circles. First in one direction, then the other.

Move Two. 

Now, we’ll work from the neck to wake up the entire face.

Tilt your head back and begin to work your hands up your neck. Glide your hands from the bottom of your neck, up to your chin.

You can reapply some moisturizing serum and massage it into your skin as you glide your hands up. This will help work the nutrients from your serum’s botanicals, deeper into your skin.

Move Three.

Now continue the same motion up onto your cheeks. With gentle, sweeping movements work up one cheek and then the other.

Keeping using your breath here as much as possible.

Now stroke up your forehead. Begin between the eyebrows, then move across each brow.

Your skin should start to feel lovely and warm now. Bring your hands down for a rest and take a few deep breaths.

Move Four.

Using two fingers and your thumbs, squeeze the inner edge of your eyebrow. Now pinch across your eyebrows.

This face yoga method is good if you’re prone to number eleven lines. We hold so much stress and tension in between the eyes. This pinching is fantastic for releasing. It will help wake this area up and get the energy or prana flowing well.

Move Five.

This lymphatic drainage technique will help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Be gentle and use light pressure. Your lymphatic system responds to subtle movements. You barely have to touch it, for amazing results.

Add a touch of Fusion serum to make sure you aren’t dragging the delicate skin under your eyes.  

Now place your index fingers on the inner corner of your eyes. Sweep down under the eyes, behind the ears, and down your neck.

Repeat this two times.

Move Six.

This exercise gives an incredible non-surgical face lift effect.

Now bring your hands down to the collar bone. Tilt your head back and bring your bottom lip up slightly. Keep your shoulders relaxed and breathe deeply.

Hold this position for five seconds, then slowly come back to the starting position.

You should feel lifting, toning, and strengthening in the front and back of the neck. This will also release tension in your neck.

Move Seven.

Now sweep your fingers across your forehead five times. Use medium pressure, focus on your breath, and keep the rest of your face relaxed. This will help release tension in the large frontalis muscle.

Then make a V-shape with your fingers and place your hands on each side of your chin. Move your hands up your cheeks. Glide one finger up along the nasolabial fold, while the other glides behind your cheek. 

This movement lifts, firms, and energises the lower face.

Move Eight.

We’ll finish with our lion pose. This power breath invigorates the entire face.

Inhale deeply, close your eyes tightly, and tense your hands in fists.

Now for the exhale. Stick out your tongue, open your eyes, release your fists into wide open hands, and vigorously breathe out of your mouth.

Do this one more time.

Bring your breath back to normal. Relax your hands and your shoulders.

You’ve completed the routine. You can do this routine or your favourite exercise, whenever you feel tired, drained, or tense. 

The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is a holistic way to care for yourself, while respecting the integrity of your body and face. These face yoga exercises invigorate the entire face, resulting in a beautiful non-surgical face lift.

You can watch a video of the entire routine on YouTube. Before and after face yoga pictures are available at the bottom of this page.

To learn more about the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, head here.

  1. Dawn says:

    Love your fresh take on face yoga. Thank you 🌻

  2. Farida says:

    These exercises must be defined through a video. So a video link related to the exercises must be added here for a better understanding.

    • Hi Farida! There is a link to the youtube video of the whole routine, just scroll down to the bottom and you will see the text ‘YouTube’ in bold, click on this and it will take you to the video. I hope this helps.

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