66: My Secrets Revealed About Business, Teaching Face Yoga and Building A Brand

Have you ever thought of teaching Face Yoga or running a business? Maybe you are already a Face Yoga teacher (part of our Face Yoga Family) and you want to learn more about how to further share what you do. Or perhaps you are simply interested in my journey, story and general tips about my life’s passion. This week’s episode is a recording from a Facebook Live I did on the Facebook Group, Teachers of  Danielle Collins Face Yoga. It is packed full of information, secrets and tips (although there was a point that due to technical difficulties the FB live almost didn’t happen and was saved by one of our Super Trainer’s Victoria Adams so you will hear her lovely voice!).
In this episode I talk about:

  • My hopes and goals for our Face Yoga Family in 2021
  • How to start a Face Yoga business and get clients 
  • How Face Yoga differs from more invasive treatments
  • How to structure a Face Yoga class
  • How I started my business
  • How to market yourself
  • What is the difference between our teaching training course and others
  • Safety advice when teaching Face Yoga
  • How to be a successful teacher 
  • Why being a good teacher isn’t about being perfect!
  • How I plan and execute my filming and content days
  • How to keep clients coming back
  • How much to charge for Face Yoga sessions

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