Blog forty seven: 5 Face Yoga Moves to Look and Feel Less Stressed

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I have been blessed to spend over 16 years helping people to look and feel better with Face Yoga and wellness techniques. One of the first ever trainings I did was as a Professional Relaxation Therapist in 2004. I’ve done many other qualifications since then of course but using relaxation techniques is still one of my favourite tools to share as they are so powerful for mind, body and face. Wellness and relaxation also forms a key part of qualifications I give to other people through our Face Yoga teacher training programme.

The techniques I am going to share today are really good if you’re starting to feel a little bit stressed or suffer from anxiety. Or if you just want to feel generally calm.

A gentle reminder, these techniques aren’t a substitute for medical advice. I do recommend seeking professional advice for help with anxiety and stress. These Face Yoga techniques are nice for complementing the other care you’re getting.

As we begin, please remember to work at your own level.

Now, with a nice straight spine, shoulders relaxed, close your eyes and focus on your breath.If you would like to follow along on video you can here

Deep Breathing

Breathe in through the nose to the count of four. Then breathe out through your nose for around six counts. Feel your abdomen rise as you breathe in. Feel it lower as you breathe out.

Breathe in a sense of relaxation. Breathe out a feeling of letting go. Feel this lovely wave of breath start to bring you into the present moment.

Remember, at this moment all you need to do is focus on your breath and yourself in the here and now. Try and keep this breath wave going for the next few minutes while you complete the exercises.

Healing Energy

Now as you breathe, I want you to rub your hands together. We have tremendous healing power in our hands. Take a moment to feel the energy. Just move your hands as though you’re holding a little ball of energy.

You can even play with it a little. Maybe you feel quite a lot of energy here. Maybe you don’t feel that much. Just keep your breath going deeply in and out. Breathe rhythmically in through your nose or mouth, whichever you prefer.

Now take this lovely energy and bring your hands over your face. Keep them just a few centimetres away. Focus on complete relaxation of your forehead area. Soften any stress you’re holding there. 

Now relax any tension you may be holding in or around your eyes.

Keep breathing and relax any tension in your cheeks and mouth. 

On the next exhale, let go of any tension in your jaw. You can open your mouth a bit to exhale. Relax any tension through the neck area.

With your face relaxed, bring your hands down into your lap. Give your hands a little shake if you need to. Keep breathing in and out through the nose.

Now the Face Yoga routine.

Face Yoga Moves to Feel Less Stressed

This is a gentle acupressure sequence. We’ll go through it a little faster than we usually do as it is very breath focused.

This will take just one deep breath per point.


Place one index finger between the eyebrows. Hold for a breath. This point is renowned for reducing stress.


Place index fingers on the inner corners of your eyes, just at the edge of your nose. Deep breath in, deep breath out.


Move your fingers up, placing them directly above your eyebrows in line with the pupils. Deep breath in, deep breath out.


Bring your fingers onto your temples. Deep breath in, deep breath out.


Place your fingers on either side of the nostrils. Deep breath in and deep breath out. Breathe out with a really long exhalation here.


Move to the apples of your cheeks. Deep breath in, deep breath out.


Go back up to either side of your nostrils. Deep breath in, deep breath out.


Bring one finger to the centre of your chin, in the indentation just below your lip. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Energy Build

Rub your hands together again. Build up that warmth and energy.

Clasp one hand over the other on your heart centre. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Visualise a green colour radiating out of your heart chakra. Say to yourself in your mind, “I feel calm, relaxed, and loved.” Say this three times.


Now rub your hands together one last time. With this energy, start to tap over your neck area. Release tension and tightness here. Let the energy, prana, chi, qi… whatever you prefer to call it, just let it radiate around your face. 

Now tap over your jaw. Really let go of any stress, tension and anxiety that can manifest in the jaw. Work all the way over the cheeks, under the eyes. Come up the temples and over your forehead. Then bring your hands gently down.

Rest them in your lap and close your eyes. Take one more deep breath in and then the longest, biggest exhalation of the routine.

When you’re ready, open up your eyes.

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Take care, sending love to you today x

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