58: I Answer Your 5 Most Frequently Asked Face Yoga Questions

ep: 58

In this solo episode I answer the 5 questions that I get asked on a daily basis:

  • How old am I and have I had botox?
  • How to reduce a double chin and facial fat?
  • How to reduce eye bags/puffiness/dark circles?
  • How to smooth forehead lines without botox?
  • How to tone a saggy neck?

I also share with you a 3 minute clip from Ivana @face_yoga_by_ivana, one of our Face Yoga teachers in Croatia, who chats about her experience of becoming a teacher.
If you like this episode and would like to go more in depth about some of the topics I chat about you may also enjoy episodes 2 (about the eyes), 7 (about getting great results from Face Yoga), 12 (about the forehead), 14 (about the neck), 40 (about wellness aspects of Face Yoga).

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