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Have you considered trying Face Yoga? This practice can benefit so many people who want to reduce the appearance of aging and overall tone their face. In fact, many practitioners experience results in just a few sessions.

Meet some of our happiest customers and what changes they experienced with Face Yoga! Although these photos and stories are amazing, just an extra note here. Firstly there is nothing wrong with the ‘before’ pictures. Secondly, despite great visual results what matters most is how these people feel after doing Face Yoga. Our health and wellness really are the most important thing and after all, when we feel good on the inside this radiates out through our faces.

What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is a series of exercises for the face that are intended to strengthen the muscles in the face. The practice can help lift the skin and reduce the signs of aging.

In Face Yoga, you’ll intentionally isolate and tone different facial muscles. By toning specific muscles and relaxing the rest, you can improve the firmness and appearance of your face.

I recommend doing Face Yoga daily for best results. Sessions can be as short as five minutes or up to 40 minutes, depending on how much time you have. 

The Benefits of Face Yoga

There are so many benefits to Face Yoga, including:

  • It can tighten your face and stimulate blood flow.
  • Facial yoga is 100% safe and natural.
  • It can slow down the aging process to a degree. We are constantly smiling, squinting, and tensing our muscles. These can cause wrinkles. Facial yoga poses can help practitioners recognize when they are furrowing their brows or holding tension in their face over time.
  • It releases tension in the facial muscles.
  • It can tone the facial and neck muscles, all while maintaining a more relaxed look. Through these exercises, you are drawing blood and circulation into delicate areas of the skin and stimulating collagen production.
  • It can calm the mind, improve confidence and boost self-esteem.

Before And After – Petrina

“I am feeling great inside and out!” – Petrina

Petrina felt the way many of us do from time to time. Sometimes we all look and feel tired, and it’s hard to see anything other than that in the mirror. After starting Face Yoga and changing other aspects of her lifestyle, Petrina began to notice big changes in her face and how she felt, inside and out.

Before And After – Nicole

“And the most significant results came in less than 6 months of practice!⁣” – Nicole

Just look at the results that Nicole has experienced after just a year of doing Facial Yoga. These before and after photos are great because they are all taken at the same time of day with the same lighting, so you can really see the changes. Nicole’s skin looks more toned, firm, and energized.

Before And After – Stacey

“My forehead lines are now nonexistent.” – Stacey

After approaching her 30th birthday, Stacey decided that she wanted a change that didn’t involve plastic surgery. After practicing Face Yoga for several years, she has experienced a reduction in forehead lines and more youthful, vibrant skin.

Before And After – Ania

“No expensive procedures, botox, creams, surgeries. You learn to listen to yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself.” – Ania

Before taking on Face Yoga, Ania suffered from very reactive skin and eye puffiness, along with chronic headaches. She was able to change so much about the quality of her skin and quality of life through Face Yoga. Just by using our hands, muscles, and skin, we can transform the condition of our bodies without the need for costly procedures and injections.

Before And After – Mateja

“The whole face is so much more relaxed (even though the first picture was taken after almost 3 whole months of rest).” – Mateja

Mateja is a regular Face Yoga practitioner and has been doing Face Yoga for about three years now. 

You can tell by the appearance of Mateja’s face that her muscles are much more relaxed– which is interesting to consider, since the first photo was taken during a period of three entire months of rest. In the jawbone and eyebrow area specifically, you’ll notice that the tension of the first photo has disappeared. Her complexion also looks quite beautiful and her undereye area appears to be lighter. 

Before And After – Julie

“In the two weeks I have been doing The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method I have noticed a significant change in my appearance and skin tone and also in my general well-being.” – Julie

Julie has been following my Face Yoga for just two weeks. In that timespan, it’s easy to see the significant change in appearance on her face! Not only does her facial tone look smoother and tighter, but Julie herself has noted that she noticed a big difference in her overall well-being. This is why Face Yoga is so effective– it combines the physical effects of muscle strengthening with the psychological effects of exercise. Your face will appear firmer and tighter, but you will also appear more radiant because you simply feel better. 

Julie is also a great example of the effect Face Yoga can have on the neck area. Her skin and muscles in this area appear tighter and more lifted.

Before And After – Tracy

“My face feels and looks more toned and I now feel I am delaying the signs of ageing.” – Tracey

Tracy has been following my Face Yoga DVD and App and has stuck to doing exercises on her own for about four months. You can really see the considerable difference in her face. According to Tracy, it feels as good as it looks. Facial yoga is definitely not just about “fixing” something you don’t like on your face. It’s also a lifestyle, one that is meant to promote relaxation and reduce tension that could cause headaches and other issues.

Before And After – Carole

“My face is firmer and tighter, my skin tone seems to be more even and less ‘grey’.” – Carole

Carole has been doing Face Yoga for about ten weeks, sticking to six sessions per week as I typically recommend. Now, Facial Yoga has become a staple in Carole’s morning routine.  It’s relaxing and a great way to start the day. For Carole, her dedication to Facial Yoga has resulted in firmer and tighter skin with less of a grey appearance.

Before And After – Yin

“I felt my facial muscles relax immediately after the first full session and after continuing to practice my face started the detox process.” – Yin

Before taking on my Face Yoga, teacher and Super Trainer of Danielle Collins’ Face Yoga, Yin’s face began to show signs of puffiness and sagging due to aging. After just a few months of practice, the improvement is very much visible. This is the beauty of Face Yoga– it really doesn’t take long to start noticing the long-term effects of doing it!

Yin could feel her muscles relax almost immediately after her first full session. By continuing to practice on her own, she experienced a skin detox that resulted in excellent skin texture and muscle tone.

Before And After – Uma

“The more I saw the results, the more it became a part of my life.” – Uma

The image on the left shows Uma at age 35. Uma herself noted that she was not making very healthy decisions in her lifestyle and mindset. Resolved to simply get plastic surgery later in life, Uma became too nervous to consider going under knife and needle. That’s when she discovered the power of Face Yoga and facial massage and her picture here shows how 12 years later (and surgery and needle free) she looks younger and healthier.

After just a few months of doing Face Yoga, Uma’s facial structure is absolutely stunning. This is a perfect example of how Face Yoga has positive physical effects, but it also has excellent emotional and mental effects as well.

What do you think about these positive Face Yoga results? Tell us how Face Yoga has benefited your life in the comments section below!

  1. Carol A Konyha says:

    I have been very lazy regarding my exercise routine but these photos are SO inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing, lovely ladies
    Carol from Phoenix, AZ

  2. I need help with my double chin and facial routines for wrinkles and red cheeks

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