23. This Is How To Get Instant Results From Face Massage: With Charlotte Connoley

Leading facialist, skincare expert and former supermodel, Charlotte Connoley is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to face massage. She trained alongside legendary facialist Nichola Joss (who is famed for her Inner Facial which Meghan Markle is a fan of) and works with many celebrities and designers. Her facials are renowned for their pampering and healing benefits and she uses lots of lymphatic drainage and sculpting techniques. In this episode we chat lots about our shared passion for face massage (and natural beauty) and Charlotte tells you about how your skin can look and feel instantly radiant with just your own hands. It’s a great episode full of enthusiasm, tips and a few laughs! 

Please note there is a bit of background noise disturbance throughout the episode.  

You can follow Charlotte on Instagram, @charlotteconnoleybeauty and visit her website www.charlotteconnoleybeauty.com 

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