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Increase your energy and expressiveness with this simple eye yoga technique

“A little and often” is a motto that has been life-changing for me. It describes a way of approaching habits that focuses on making small changes and repeating them regularly. These small changes can add up to big results over time, which is why what we do on a daily basis is so important to our overall wellness. 

If you’re just starting out with Face Yoga, I have a simple Eye Yoga move that I encourage you to try, which illustrates just how powerful the “a little and often” approach really is. You may be surprised at how quickly you notice a difference in how much more relaxed your face looks and feels after practicing this technique. 

Retrain your forehead and eyes with gentle Eye Yoga

We tend to over-express with our forehead area, constantly raising our eyebrows and pulling them in close together. Over time, this creates horizontal lines across the forehead and vertical “eleven” lines between the eyebrows. 

Over-relying on our forehead also leads us to under-utilise what our eyes can do in terms of expression. Eye Yoga helps retrain the face to relax the forehead and use it less, using our eyes to their fullest extent. 

This Eye Yoga move can help you:

  • Relax your forehead muscles and reduce fine lines 
  • Strengthen your eye muscles and increase their range of motion
  • Make your eyes appear larger and more expressive 
  • Wake up and energise your eye area

An Eye Yoga Technique You Can Use Every Day

I invite you to include this simple Eye Yoga technique in your daily wellness routine. It takes just two minutes and can be done whenever you have a moment to yourself. Morning time is best since this helps wake up your eyes and energises you for the day. 

1. Start by placing your palm gently on your forehead. 

2. Look up and then down several times, without moving your head. You should be able to feel a gentle stretch in your eye muscles, particularly in the under-eye area. Without straining, you should aim to use the full range of motion of your eyes. 

3. Then, bring your eyes forward and look from side to side for a minute or so. Again, this should be gentle but you should still be able to feel a little bit of stretch in the eye muscles. 

4. Once your forehead relaxes, you can let your hand drop and do this exercise while keeping your forehead relaxed. 

If you want to learn more about Face Yoga and how to include it in your wellness routine, I can help you get started. My Instagram, Youtube, and my app have short videos and tutorials as well as plenty of other resources. For daily training and tips, you can check out my 10-day course

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