Blog Thirty one: Do men and women age differently?

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There is a proven difference in the way men and women’s skin age. On the whole it is agreed that women’s skin appears older than men of the same age but there are differences in skin ages between the genders in a few ways.

Upper Face

Despite the fact that women’s skin in the upper face my look older due to less testosterone and thinner skin, men often appear to have more forehead lines and eye bags due to different bone structure as the opening in the skull around the eyes is larger in men and less bone support means more lines.

Lower Face

Studies have shown differences in the lower face and notably the mouth area. Women tend to have more lines in this area due to having fewer sebaceous glands which means a reduction in oil production and therefore less moisture and lubrication in this area. Women have fewer blood vessels so less blood flow to that area and the hormonal impacts of post menopause can also mean the skin appears to age more suddenly than men’s. Men tend to either have beards which has been shown to provide a degree of sun protection thus slowing down sun damage related ageing or they tend to shave which can exfoliate the skin but on the flip side can mean the skin can become more fragile, sensitive and dehydrated. The hair follicles in the lower face also give the male skin more structure helping it to appear younger.

The Difference

The key differences in the face overall between the genders is that men have25% thicker skin, their ratio of collagen to thickness of skin is higher, their decline in collagen is the same overall but tends to be gradual rather than sudden around middle age like women. Men have more lactic acid which means better hydration and their stratum corneum (outer most layer of skin) is thicker. It is thought however that men may use less SPF and skincare and factors such as stress and diet may play a part too.


So generally, studies may show that women tend to look older than men due to a variety of factors but there is also ways in which men can look older than woman. There is also a society aspect to this too. We tend to perceive men ageing as positive and see them getting more handsome where as often the opposite is true with women. These are unhelpful and negative beliefs that NEED to be changed. Society needs to see the beauty in ageing in everyone and in this case, especially women.

The positive

If you are a women reading this and starting to feel a little down due to the facts on how you age, something which is a much stronger factor in ageing than whether you are a man or woman is lifestyle.  Only 20% of the way we age is down to genetics and gender. The other 80% is down to lifestyle and is in our hands! So this is where Face Yoga comes in. You can look after your skin, have the power in your fingertips and use the important self love aspects of Face Yoga to accept and love who you are.

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