15: DIY Beauty Tips To Use In Lockdown When You Can’t Get Treatments: With Ruby Hammer MBE

Head & shoulders photo of Ruby Hammer MBE in red shirt

There is no better person to get advice from when it comes to beauty, skincare and make up than Ruby Hammer MBE. With 25 years experience in the beauty industry, a regular on some of the UK’s top TV shows and a portfolio of celebrities and models, she has so much knowledge to share (and an MBE!). In this episode we focus on how we can translate our usual beauty routines, which maybe we usually get in salons, in our own homes whilst we are in Coronavirus lockdown. Ruby shares about everything from how to care for our hair, how to look after our hands, give ourselves a facial and so much more. She talks make up tips, self care techniques and beauty hacks that can be put in place straight away today. This is an informative and helpful episode which hopefully will make your isolation feel a little more pampering!

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