Which Face Yoga is right for you? 
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Which face tool is right for you? 

Pick a statement which best resonates with you.

"I want to lift my face in 1 minute per day."

Jade Gua Sha

"I want to reduce my dark circles, fine lines and smooth my skin at anytime of the day." 

 Jade Roller

"I want to calm my sensitive or inflammed skin whilst reducing under eye puffiness and getting an overall glow mostly in the morning." 

Rose Quartz Roller 

"I want to target eye lines and lip lines."

Beauty Precision Tool 

"I want to ease stress, headaches and facial tension."

Jade Comb

"I want to reduce neck, shoulder and back tension plus boost my wellbeing." 

Body Restorer

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Click here to watch me chat about my favourite facial tool and discover which one is right for you in this video:

“My face needs lifting in 1 minute per day but also needs some love as it feels a little sensitive”

Rose Quartz Gua Sha