78: How You Can Use Daily Journaling To Help Your Face, Hair, Mind And Body

The Face Yoga Expert Podcast

Ashly Rodriguez is my guest this week and she is an amazing digital creator renowned for her empowering message about beauty, skin and hair. In this uplifting episode we discuss:

  • How Ashly came to start Face Yoga
  • How she uses Face Yoga with her skincare routine
  • Ashly’s favourite products and skin routine
  • How and why she embraces her natural hair now
  • Ashly’s favourite hair products 
  • How journaling has helped her feel and look good
  • How to start journaling
  • Ashly’s morning routine and wellness tips
  • Her top tips for inner peace

You can connect with Ashly on Instagram @actually_ashly 
We also talk about my brand new book, The Face Yoga Journal, which can now be pre-ordered on Amazon here: https://smarturl.it/faceyogajournal

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