143: Daily Affirmations for Abundance, Skin & Health

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This week is a solo episode where I lead you through a short daily 10 minute practice you can enjoy. You simply repeat each of the affirmations I say to yourself after me and they will help your skin, mind and health feel abundant and positive. This is a calming and powerful episode that can be enjoyed on a regular basis.
If you would like to also read the affirmations regularly, the list is below for you:


“I am abundant’

“I am wealthy”

“I am overflowing with abundance”

“Opportunities flow to me daily”

“I have more than enough”

“There is enough to go round for everyone”

“I deserve success”

“I attract money”

“Good things happen to me easily and frequently”

“I am rich”

“I am enough”

“I am aligned”

“I am connected to my intuition”

“I am at peace in my life”

“I am grateful”

“I am thankful for all I have”

“There is more than enough for everyone”

“The universe is full of abundance”

“I give and receive abundance daily”


“I have healthy skin”

“I have clear skin”

“I have smooth skin”

“I have a lifted face”

“I look glowing”

“I feel and look healthy”

“I love my skin”

“I am enough inside and out”

“I am at peace in my own skin”

“I am grateful for my face”

“I love my reflection in the mirror”

“I look wonderful”

“I feel wonderful”


“I am healthy”

“I am full of amazing health”

“I am energised”

“I am joyful”

“I am at peace”

“I am grateful for my health”

“I love myself”

“I am worthy”

“I am enough every day”

“My body looks after me and I look after it”

“I have great health”

“I am beautiful inside and out”

“Every part of my body is full of abundant health”

“I care for my body”

“My body is precious”

“I am at peace with my body”

“Thank you  thank you thank you”

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