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Address: Office 301, 3 Edgar Buildings, George St, Bath, BA1 2FJ

Jonathan Merrifield - Podcast Editor
Jonathan is responsible for all things The Face Yoga Expert Podcast. Every week he works hard to ensure the podcasts are edited to sound great and work well.
Jonathan's top tip for inner peace: Try to seek and focus on a purpose greater than oneself.

Robert Alon-Monks - Head of video
As well as being one of top editors in the country and regularly working for the BBC and ITV, we are lucky enough to have Rob as a key part of our team. He keeps our YouTube and IGTV channel looking and sounding great with his fantastic video skills. When he’s not busy with editing, Rob loves cycling and spending time with his 3 year old.
Rob's top tip for inner peace: Use time wisely and focus on one thing at a time. 

Matt Lincoln - Photographer
You will see Matt’s amazing photography skills everywhere from this website, to all my social media pages and my book. He has an amazing studio set deep in the countryside where we regularly do shoots for all things Face Yoga Expert. Matt loves being in nature and enjoys walking as often as he can.
Matt’s top tip for inner peace: Consciously taking little pauses throughout the day. Even if for only 10 seconds. Disconnecting from ‘doing’ all the time. To just ‘being’. And get off screens as much as possible! 

Zena Whalley - Head of media 
Zena is fantastic at all things social media. She stays in touch with press, helps me out with staying organised with messages and comments across all our social channels and is also our go to girl for all things website related. One of Zena’s favourite things to do is to be creative. She studied Photomedia at Uni so she’s always taking pictures on her phone! She also loves going for coffee with friends and taking her dog Ted for long walks in the local countryside.
Zena’s top tip for inner peace: go for a daily walk, even a short one.

Louise Tippett - Business support manager
Louise is super organised and super friendly! She will be the one you will chat to if you have any questions about our training courses or products plus she’s in charge of keeping our teachers directory up to date (amongst many many other tasks each day). Louise’s favourite things to do are spending time with her family and her dog.
Louise’s top tip for inner peace: be around nature. The fresh air, natural beauty, stillness and sounds really help to calm and soothe the mind, it's great for improving overall wellbeing.

Bruce de Groote - Director 
As well as being the most fantastic husband and father to our little girls, Bruce is also a key part of Team Face Yoga Expert. He is great at all things technical, finance and operations and is my go to person when I come up with ideas (and I have lots of ideas!). He’s a retired firefighter and in his spare time he loves a good surf and bike ride.
Bruce’s top tip for inner peace: try to stay in the present moment as much as you can.

Danielle Collins - Founder 
You probably know me by now but if you don’t I am the World leading Face Yoga Expert and the founder of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method. I am super passionate about all things health, wellness and natural beauty and even in my spare time you find me doing Yoga, having a bubble bath or trying out a new face mask! My favourite thing in the world is days on the beach with my family.
My top tip for inner peace: deep breathing throughout the day.

meet team face yoga expert

Marie Sherman -  Business Support Assistant / Content Writer
Marie is smily, organised, loves a variety of tasks within the business and is a great asset to the team! She is a fab content writer, has such a passion for writing/blogging and helps myself and Louise stay on top of all areas of business and business support. She even manages to fit in studying part time for her Psychology degree whilst doing her business tasks and looking after her 4 year old daughter!
Marie's top tip for inner peace: to prioritise looking after yourself holistically, i.e. relaxation, awareness of thoughts, diet, sleep and exercise.

Francesca Pinn - Media and communications assistant
Francesca helps with all things media and customer communications. She is my right hand woman when it comes to Linkedin, Youtube, chatting to customers and keeping me organised with social media. Francesca also loves dog walks, training for a marathon and doing house renovations in her spare time.
Francesca's top tip for inner peace: always smile and think about the positive things in life!

Sadie Hewlett - Business Support Assistant 
Sadie’s super power is her organisation skills and she loves all things creative too. When she’s not busy supporting our team she enjoys cooking and spending time with her 4 year old daughter. She’s also a make up artist too!
Sadie’s top tip for inner peace: workout everyday and get outside into nature whenever you can.

Michelle Sullivan- Business Support Assistant 
Michelle has a love for all things organising, planning and admin related and a keen eye for detail which makes her perfect for our team! She was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, and now lives in the UK. She loves spending time with her husband and 4-year-old daughter, is a huge animal lover and is passionate about traveling. 
Michelle’s top tip for inner peace: be present in the moment and be grateful for everything you have.