17: The 5 Steps To Having Clear Skin For Life: With Clean Beauty Blogger, Ailish Lucas

Head & shoulders photo of Ailish Lucas, the glow getter

Do you ever get breakouts? Maybe you get blemishes here and there? Or perhaps you suffer from acne and you just don’t know where to turn. Ailish Lucas is here to help and knows how to clear the skin both from her personal experience and professional training. She is a make up artist from the London College of Fashion, a trained beauty therapist and a multi award winning beauty blogger. She is also a super star at helping beauty brands at marketing and social media. In this episode she talks about how her hormonal acne affected not only her face but her confidence too. She shares how she cleared it up and the five steps she continues to use daily to keep her skin healthy. We chat self care, beauty hacks that can be done and home and why Ailish’s morning routine helps her skin and mind so much. You can follow Ailish on Instagram @theglowgetterofficial and you can visit her website at https://theglowgetter.co/about-ailish-lucas-the-glow-getter/

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