28: These Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips Can Help You Look Great For Your Age: With Katie Brindle

Head & Shoulders photo of Katie Brindle

Why we don’t have botox (and why Katie stopped having it), what we spend our evenings doing and what we want our daughters to grow up seeing. These are just some of the topics you can listen in on in this weeks chat with Chinese medicine expert and founder of the Hay’ou Method, Katie Brindle and I. Katie also chats lots about her top tips to help us look naturally great for our age, how to look and feel good from the inside out and how Eastern philosophies are the key to glowing skin, a healthy body and a happy mind.

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  1. Another fabulous podcast ladies, thank you! After listening to your last collaboration I purchased a Hayo’u gua sha and I love the combination along with my daily face yoga routine.
    Natalia at The Little Room of Harmony x

    • Hi Natalia, thank you for your kind words and so glad you’re enjoying the podcast x

    • Joanne Baldwin says:

      Another great podcast thankyou Danielle, I’ve shared this with my clients.. I love everything you stand for… Hope I’m as good a teacher and influencer as you are 💕 just purchased my gua sha to go with my daily face yoga practice 😁

  2. Ellie Roads says:

    I really enjoyed that, thank you. My children sometimes join in with in my face yoga, it’s sweet!

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