136: How to Align Your 7 Chakras With Face Yoga

the face yoga expert podcast

This week is a solo episode and I share with you a brief guide to balancing and aligning the 7 key energy centres or chakras with Face Yoga. I also suggest some colours, affirmations, crystals, essential oils and poems which work for each chakra.
For a more in depth guide to chakras and Face Yoga check out my 2 hour Align and Lift masterclass (£55) here https://faceyogaexpert.com/shop

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hello Danielle,
    I am new to Face Yoga. Love your videos. Simple & easy. What I like is your combining Yoga, Qigong, Chakras, in your practice. My husband’s name is Bruce lol. Thank you very much. Namaste

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