Danielle Collins' Face Yoga

RRP £10.99

In this book, I demonstrate how, by applying the principals of facial exercise, massage and acupressure to your face, you can smooth your skin and tone its supporting muscles for a glowing, youthful appearance. Combining practical exercises, health and lifestyle advice and wellness tips, this is an essential book for anyone who wants to look and feel their best at any time of life.
✽ Offers practical step-by-step exercises targeted at specific problem areas as well as whole-face routines
✽ Includes focused chapters on all areas of the face, including the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw and neck
✽ Provides essential advice on nutrition, skincare and exercise regimes to support your Face Yoga and general wellness


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"The exercises are easy to follow and results are quick. The Price is so reasonable for the return you get - Invaluable." Miss H

"This book gives so many little ways to help your face feel awake, refreshed and de-stressed as well as techniques to tone the face muscles. I have only started introducing some of the exercises but they feel amazing!" K white

"I highly recommend this book, the Danielle Collins method is one of the best face yoga workouts I've tried...and I've tried a lot!"

"It actually works and my face has really lifted."
D. Essex

"Really enjoying this book, very constructive and compassionate approach to self care. Thank you!"  KT

"This book is a little gem. Everything you need to know for beautiful, radiant, healthy skin with simple exercises. The size is practical to bring inside your bag also on vacation." Anna G.

"Love this book, it has been organised into sections that are so easy to follow. It is full of facts and information on all that is necessary to create and maintain flawless, glowing skin, that is totally energised and looks 10 years younger." P Porter

"This is a fantastic little book. It has been beautifully written, tons of useful tips and easy to follow step by step exercises. Has great advice on nutrition, skincare, exercise and overall wellness. A really good read, would highly recommend." 

"Great handy little book with lots of tips and exercises
All woman who want to look after their skin so buy this book." Pole P

"Highly recommend this book, great understanding and descriptions of exercises, easy to follow and great illustrations. As I am already a big yoga fan, I felt this book would help me feel complete :) thank you Danielle."  Maddie