Blog Four: The 5 Best Facial Tools For Younger Skin

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Ok so it’s no secret that I love Face Yoga! For me, there’s nothing better for your skin and wellness than using hands to massage, relax and exercise the face. However, don’t underestimate the power of facial tools. They provide some variation to a routine, an added beauty boost and sometimes, just give you some much needed motivation.

Using facial tools on your skin also just feels like a special moment of self care. Not only do they relieve tension in your face muscles but they help you achieve glowing and youthful skin. 

Today, I delve into some of my favourite facial tools. I also break down how to use them and the benefits they yield.

1. Jade Gua Sha

You’ve probably seen these all over social media. Skincare experts and beauty bloggers swear by this tiny tool, and I don’t blame them- it’s become a firm favourite in my daily routine.

A jade gua sha relieves tension in your face, stimulates blood circulation, and encourages lymphatic drainage. All of these things help to prevent premature wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

To use a jade gua sha, hold the tool with the curved side to your face and gently glide it upwards (apart from on the sides of the neck where it’s a downward motion). Ensure to glide it over your forehead, jawline, eyebrows, and hairline. To learn exactly how to do it, check out my Youtube video here.

rose quartz roller

2. Rose Quartz Roller 

Rose Quartz is a powerful gemstone that is associated with love and beauty. It is also believed that it removes toxic energies. 

Not only do rose quartz rollers promote healing energy, but they help to improve blood circulation and reduce facial puffiness, they are a great choice if you have sensitive skin. Also, rose quartz rollers allow your skincare products to absorb into your skin. 

To use a rose quartz roller, apply a small amount of Fusion by Danielle Collins on to the skin. Next, move the roller up and down the neck and then in an upward motion on your face. For best results, store your rose quartz roller in the refrigerator before using — the cold temperature will combat inflammation, especially around the delicate eye area.

To learn more check out my Youtube video.

3.Kansa Wand 

Originating from India, the Kansa wand is known to work wonders for your skin. The metal used for Kansa wands can balance your skin’s pH.

With a balanced skin pH, you experience fewer acne breakouts and more skin hydration. Also, a balanced skin pH helps to prevent premature wrinkles and ageing. It’s important to use a Kansa wand with an oil or serum like Fusion by Danielle Collins (never on dry skin). Roll the metal part of the wand upwards on your skin and over the acupressure or ‘marma points’.

Check out this simple routine for the mouth area with a Kansa wand (and use the code DANIELLE for free shipping) on my Youtube channel.

Foreo UFO

4. Foreo UFO 2 

If you want to get the same feeling of spa facials, look to the Foreo UFO 2. This device is unlike the other facial tools on this list. The UFO 2 uses Swedish technology to enhance the effectiveness of your facial sheet masks.

All you have to do is place your sheet mask into the UFO 2 and place it over your face. It uses heating and cooling elements along with LED light therapy to activate the ingredients in the mask. I am a bit obessed by this tool!

Jade Precision Tool

5. Beauty Restorer Precision

Inspired by age-old Chinese massage, the Beauty Restorer Precision is a small crystal jade tool which works on the fine lines around the eyes and lips. It boosts blood flow to your skin and helps clear skin congestion. Like the other tools on this list, it helps you achieve supple and glowing skin.

To learn how to use this tool, check out my video here.

For more on facial tools, listen to this episode of The Face Yoga Expert Podcast.

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