Blog Thirty: 3 Reasons To Use A Bamboo Body Tapper Daily

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A body tapper is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, and effective tool that you can incorporate into your daily routine!

A body tapper is made of bamboo and can have incredible effects on your energy levels. In fact, body tappers have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese medicine. Using a body tapper before or after you work out only takes one minute and is a great addition to your self-care routine, even if you aren’t exercising. 

Are you interested in learning about why you should use a body tapper daily? Read on to hear the 3 best reasons!

1. Boost Energy Levels

One of the main reasons to use a body tapper is to instantly boost your energy levels!

In the modern age, we are sitting at our desks more and more. Our bodies are not meant to sit for this long. This has had some devastating effects on our energy levels. 

Using a bamboo body tapper for a quick 1-minute self-massage can instantly boost your energy levels, leaving you feeling revitalized and full of life. 

2. Ease Muscle Aches

If you are regularly exercising, you may be experiencing muscle soreness. 

If your muscle soreness is too intense, it can actually prevent you from furthering your exercise routine and it can hold you back from making progress!

Even if you aren’t exercising daily, many of us experience muscle tension and aches and pains. This could be due to our body position throughout the day. 

If you are on your feet throughout the day, you may be experiencing muscle pain in your legs and lower back. 

If you are seated at a desk, you may be experiencing muscle tension in your upper back, shoulders, and neck. 

If you have ongoing muscle tension, this can actually lead to a lower quality of life. Here are some of the issues that may arise as a result of untreated muscle tension: 

  • More frequent headaches or migraines
  • Limited range of motion
  • Chronic pain
  • Discomfort in different body joints
  • Contributing to a lack of concentration

All of these issues could prevent you from living your life pain-free. 

One way to relieve any kind of muscle soreness or tension is by using a bamboo body tapper.

To use the body tapper, you will lightly strike your body with the bamboo sticks and “tap” it all over your body. Doing this just 1-2 times per day can help rejuvenate your muscles and reduce any soreness or tension that you may be experiencing throughout the day. 

People that have used a bamboo body tapper for muscle soreness have felt amazing results. People love that the body tapper is simple to use, small enough to store, and quick. It only takes 1-2 minutes out of your day to use a body tapper, so there is nothing to lose.

3. Improve Your Circulation

Using a bamboo body tapper has actually been found to help improve your circulation.

As you lightly strike the surface of your body, blood will rush to that point. As you are lightly tapping all over your body, it encourages blood flow throughout your entire system. 

When your circulation is working properly, it allows your body to carry blood and oxygen to all of the places it needs. 

Maintaining healthy circulation is actually a great way to boost your immune system and help protect you against sickness and infections. That’s because, with a circulation system that is working well, it can help your body deliver white blood cells to the areas that need it most. 

A healthy circulation system is really key to amazing health. In addition to protecting you from certain sicknesses and infections, it will help your system remove waste produced by different organs in your body. 

Using a bamboo body tapper for just 1 minute a day can help you improve your circulation.

How to Use a Body Tapper

Now that you know the benefits that a body tapper can bring you, here is how and when you can use a body tapper.

Here are good times to use a body tapper during your day: 

  • Before you work out
  • After you work out
  • When you are feeling low in energy
  • When you are feeling that your stress levels are high

You should avoid using a body tapper without first consulting a medical professional if you have any of the following conditions: 

  • Any serious medical condition such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc
  • Are pregnant

To use a body tapper, you will hold the tapper in one hand, and lightly “tap” down the inside of your opposite arm. Repeat this three times or so, and then switch hands and tap the opposite arm. 

After this, you will then transition to tapping the inside and outside of both legs three times. After you will tap your stomach and abdominals, then your neck and shoulders. You will tap gently over your entire body, including your soft joints for best results. 

Here is a video to visually show you how to use a body tapper in your daily routine! 

Use a Body Tapper Daily to Improve Your Health

The most valuable thing we have is our health. 

Staying healthy in our modern, busy lives can seem stressful and overwhelming. However, with the right tools, you can improve your quality of living and your overall health. 

Using a body tapper is just one way to help you reduce muscle aches and tension, improve your overall circulation, and instantly boost your energy levels. The best part about using a bamboo body tapper is that it only takes a minute or two out of your day!

You will find that incorporating a body tapper into your routine is enjoyable, meditative, and a moment for you to indulge in a bit of self-care. It takes no time at all and it is an inexpensive tool to include in your daily routine. 

Are you interested in learning more about healthy living? Then be sure to check out The Face Yoga Expert Podcast. Listen via my website or on your podcast app of choice.

  1. 50 Ans says:

    Hello, this daily routine is amazing. I’m using a bamboo tapper for over a month. I noticed that the skin on my left elbow is far more healthy.
    Roger from France

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