38: How To Naturally Lift Your Face According To Your Ayurvedic Dosha Type: With Anita Kaushal

Anita Kaushal

Understanding your unique constitution can not only help you live a full, healthy and happy life but it can also help you better understand your skin. This week my guest is Anita Kaushal, co founder of Ayurvedic skincare brand, Mauli Rituals. She gives amazing insight in to the 3 doshas or ‘types’ according to Indian medicine and tradition and how we can find out which type we are to have glowing skin inside and out. I am a big fan of their ‘Kansa Wand’ or ‘Dome’ and Anita is giving you guys free shipping with this link and the code DANIELLE at checkout https://www.maulirituals.com/collections/danielle-collins-mauli-rituals

You can learn more about Mauli Rituals in the link above or via Instagram @maulirituals. 

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