Blog Nineteen: 4 Acupressure Points for Facial Rejuvenation


Facial yoga and acupressure are great ways to give yourself a non-surgical face lift and encourage facial rejuvenation. With these four simple acupressure points, you can experience glowing skin and a calmer mind. I love to perform these acupressure points while repeating positive affirmations. This gives me a chance to enhance and connect with my body and mind at the same time. If you fancy trying this too, I have laid it all out below.

Just as you should with any Face Yoga, begin the practice by cleaning your hands and face. This ensures that our bodies and face are protected from germs, which helps prevent acne and other unwanted blemishes from forming. Let’s get started. 

1. Between the Eyebrows 

While breathing deeply, bring your pointer finger between your eyebrows and press gently on this acupressure point. As you press on this point, close your eyes, and continue breathing deeply. This acupressure point can reduce stress and headaches, as well as reduce tension on your face. When you reduce tension on your face, it makes it appear more youthful and helps soften frown lines.  

For this first acupressure point, say, “I am calm, balanced, and centred” three times before moving on to the next movement. 

2. Above the Eyebrows 

Once you have completed your affirmation for the first acupressure point, move your two pointer fingers out so that each one rests above each eyebrow. Try to centre your finger at the arch of the eyebrow. Close the eyes again. This boosts circulation on your forehead, which makes your face appear brighter. 

Once again, let’s say an affirmation while touching this acupressure point. For this acupressure point, say, “I am glowing inside and out” three times. 

3. Temples 

Move your fingers to your temples and close your eyes. You should have one pointer finger on each temple side. This acupressure point is excellent for relieving headaches and stress. Repeat the affirmation “I am enough” three times before moving on to the last acupressure point. 

4. Sides of the Nostrils 

Finally, move your pointer fingers to the sides of your nostrils. Don’t put your fingers directly on your nose. Instead, place them so that the finger pads are on your cheeks, but the sides of your fingers should gently touch the nostril sides. Close your eyes and continue breathing. This acupressure helps the sinuses and relieves inflammation in the eye bags. 

For our last affirmation, repeat, “I feel happy” three times. After the third affirmation, take one more extra deep breath, and then open your eyes and gently bring your hands down. 

Final Thoughts

Next time you feel like you need a gentle and natural facelift, practice these four acupressure points. I recommend performing these acupressure points when you are stressed or need a mental lift too. Taking the time to repeat helpful affirmations while performing acupressure is a great way to get double the wellness benefits. 

Here is my Youtube video ‘4 Facial Acupressure Points To Revive The Skin And Mind’

To find out more about non-surgical facelift and facial yoga, you can become one of our accredited and certified Face Yoga teachers. More info here.

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