95: Here’s 5 Tips For Financial Abundance Whilst Living Your Soul Purpose: Bonus Business Episode

The Face Yoga Expert Podcast

Let’s talk chakras, soul purpose and being financially abundant and free! Amber- Lee Lyons, creator of Chakra Girl Co is the perfect person to chat about this with us. She is a 7 figure CEO of a business and  community of modern spiritual women elevating the collective by living their soul’s purpose, one activated chakra at a time. In this bonus business episode we delve in to:

  • Amber- Lee’s journey in to business and her ‘tipping point’ of success
  • Being abundant and living in her purpose 
  • 5 pillars of business for success inside and out
  • The importance of chakras in building a successful brand
  • Amber-Lee’s wellness routine
  • Her favourite Real Housewife (yes we are both reality TV fans!!!)

You can connect with Amber- Lee on Instagram @chakragirlco and via her website https://www.chakragirlco.com

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  1. Joyce Piper says:

    Thank you so much. I love listening to all your podcasts. This one with Amber was amazing and revealing. 💙💜💙

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