As the World leading Face Yoga expert with 15 years experience teaching to millions worldwide it is fair to say Face Yoga is well and truly part of who I am. Why do I love it so much? Because it is a completely natural holistic way of having great skin but it is so much more than that. When I created The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method my vision was for us all to fully embrace and love who we are inside and out and have a 'tool box' of techniques to use every day so we are in control of our own faces and our wellness too.

I love everything about my job (in fact I wouldn't even describe it as a job, more a passion or a true calling) and one of my favourite things to do is share Face Yoga on TV. Some of the most fun shows I have appeared on have been ITV1's "This Morning", BBc1's "Holding Back The Years" and Channel4’s "How Not to Get Old , I also loved being on ITVBe's "The Only Way is Essex", ITV1's "The David Dickinson Show",  and one of my favourite radio shows I have been on was Kiss FM's breakfast show. I also love to travel so teaching Face Yoga to celebrities in Sardinia as part of ITV1's "100 Years Younger" included  three things which make me very happy: sea, sunshine and freshly grown local food.

a BIt About me!

I am a great believer in combining traditional techniques that have been used for thousands of years, particularly in Eastern medicine, with modern, scientifically proven research. This is exactly the combination that you will find in The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method which is a fusion of both. In terms of the science (and to answer the question you may be thinking: does Face Yoga actually work?!) Face Yoga has been proven to make you look 3 years younger in 20 weeks in a study by dermatologists at Northwestern University. Also, a study which was conducted by doctors using my Method on the BBC1 show I appeared on "Twinstitute" showed that Face Yoga can make the skin look 1 year younger in 1 month.

I have been blessed to be the face of major campaigns with Nintendo, BT, Groupon, Gorgias London and Olbas Oil and to collaborate with renowned brands such as P & G, Unilever, Dr Roebucks and Sweaty Betty to name just a few. I also love being a visiting practitioner at luxury spas and my all time favourite has to be the two months I spent in Six Senses Spas in the Maldives (in my opinion the most beautiful place on Earth!). 

Helping others to find and then share their passion is at the core of what I do and exactly why I created accredited teacher training in Face Yoga. I am the founder of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method and offer teacher training courses around the World. The Method has been featured in hundreds of leading publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar The Telegraph and The Daily Mail. The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method has 700 teachers Worldwide (including teachers still in training) and this is growing daily. It is an honour to see so many amazing people sharing the positive benefits of Face Yoga through teaching others. 

I love being able to give people the opportunity to enjoy holistic health in their own home and I am lucky enough to be able to do this through my book (that has been translated in to 12 languages), courses, DVD's, Apps, Fusion by Danielle Collins skincare line and the Danielle Collins Yoga Mat range. 

So where did it all start?  Well I was born and brought up in Plymouth and moved to Bath to study Education and English Literature at Bath Spa University and achieved a first class honours. After this I was diagnosed with M.E and was very ill for 2 years. Despite doctors telling me there was no known cure for this illness I was determined to get better and started introducing natural nutrition, relaxation, exercise, Yoga and Pilates in to my life. I then fully recovered and felt an overwhelming desire to help and inspire others to feel healthier and happier in the same way I had been able to help myself, so I completed Diplomas in Face Massage, Professional Relaxation Therapy, Nutrition, Hatha Yoga and Pre and Post Natal Yoga with the British School of Yoga. I also did introductory training in Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, Indian Head Massage, the Alexander Technique, EFT and Meditation. 

After a couple of years of teaching Yoga, clients were enjoying the health benefits of Yoga for their bodies and minds. I was getting more and more requests for a similar natural way for the face to look and feel healthier too. As well as my drawing on my training, I spent many years researching and trialing face techniques from ancient Eastern medicine, the latest studies on facial composition and renowned wellbeing strategies and created The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method which is now enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. 

I have been blessed to have been given many accolades such as delighted a Silver Award for my website by Mumpreneur for business achievements whilst being a Mum to the beautiful Lucia (age 7) and Lilia (age 3). Additionally, teacher of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method Ruchika Sharma, won the Guinness World Record for the largest Face Yoga class, teaching my techniques to 1661 people in India. 

Many people ask my age (I am 38) and I feel grateful every day to have the privilege to be growing older and I think whatever age we are, we should do all we can to feel content about who we are inside.

I hope you enjoy the website and feel inspired to be your best self.

Danielle x

10 of my favourite things

about face yoga

Scroll across to learn more about Face Yoga and to answer some of the questions you may have about it.

frequently asked

Face Yoga is a natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier.
It has five main parts to it:
face exercise
face massage

what is face yoga?

The two most asked questions about me!!
I was born in February 1982 (I am a Pisces) and I have never had botox, fillers or surgery!

how old am i and
have i had botox?

No not if you do it in the correct way. Wrinkles are caused by repeated expressions and we aren't doing that. We are doing controlled exercise with resistance (and checking our faces to ensure they remain smooth throughout) using all 3 layers of skin together. We do gently massage and relaxation too. Studies show that Face Yoga reduces wrinkles and doesn't cause them but make sure you learn techniques from a qualified professional online or in person.

will face yoga give me wrinkles?

I like things that are proven by science! In January 2018 a key study done at Northwestern University showed that 20 weeks of Face Yoga,
30 minutes day can make the face look 3 years younger. Also, a BBC study of two twin doctors showed that the doctor that did my Face Yoga for 1 month looked 1 year younger. There have also been multiple studies of the benefits of massage, acupressure, deep breathing and relaxation which all form a key part of my method.

is there proof it works?

If you want to look and feel glowing and healthy then Face Yoga is for you. It's never too late to start, At any age you can lift and tone a muscle, boost circulation, lymphatic drainage and relaxation tension. It is never too early to start Face Yoga either. Plus it's great for men and women.

who can do face yoga?

Results vary from person to person. The key is regular daily practice. So if you can do anything from 2 minutes to 50 minutes per day you will see results. You will see and feel some results immediately but more significant results within a week. For longer lasting results it takes some people 6 months. combining with a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the relaxing benefits speeds up results too.

when will i see results?

Face Yoga is gentle and effective for most people but if you have any health issues or skin concerns please check with your doctor prior to starting
Face Yoga and always work to your own level.

can i do face yoga with skin problems and health issues?

Face Yoga is a great alternative to invasive procedures but it can also be a wonderful compliment to use along side them. Please check with your practitioner/surgeon/doctor prior to starting Face Yoga if you have had surgery or injectables.

can I do face yoga if i have had surgery/

I recommend doing Face Yoga with a clean face and clean hands. I advise a few drop of Fusion by Danielle Collins serum prior to starting (as you want some glide but you don't want you fingers to slip) and then when you do some final massage, apply a few more drops and breathe in the organic scent!

when should i apply my moisturiser with face yoga?

 the 5 aspects of the
danielle collins
 face yoga method 

Scroll across for a few pictures of our Face Yoga family enjoying their results. I am a great believer in the feel good benefits of Face Yoga being most important and also feel there is nothing wrong with anyones 'before' pictures. But if you would like to see some amazing aesthetic results, here are a few examples for you to browse.

 “I looked at that picture of myself (on the left) and thought I looked old and tired and I needed to change lots of things in my life and started with the Face Yoga. I really like your saying about being the best version of yourself! I love Face Yoga and everything you teach, you’ve been an inspiration. I am feeling great inside and out!”

Petrina (Aged 57)

"I am closely approaching my 32nd Birthday and wanted to have a look back at my own transformation after doing The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method.
The first picture (wavy hair) was taken a couple days before my 30th Birthday. I am happy to say I don’t think I’m ageing!! 
My forehead lines are now nonexistent. I look at little more tired in the present day one but I’m putting that down to lack of sleep during lockdown"

Stacey Marchmont

Karen Gider is a teacher of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method. The first photo is her age 42 and the second age 49. In a 7 year period you would expect some ageing but what has happened in the last 2 years is that Karen discovered Face Yoga. The visual benefits are obvious but more than that, Face Yoga has had wonderful effects on Karen’s wellbeing too.

“Before starting to practice Face Yoga I had a very reactive skin, a lot of imperfections, the area around my eyes was often swollen, not to mention the headaches and the lack of self-confidence without makeup. ⁣⁣
What I like most about The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is that we are only revealing the beauty and well-being that are already there: we simply work with our hands, muscles and skin. No expensive procedures, botox, creams, surgeries. You learn to listen to yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself.”

Ania Pospyelova

“In the two weeks I have been doing The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method I have noticed a significant change in my appearance and skin tone and also in my general well-being. I can really notice a different in my skin tone and my face and neck looks more lifted and my eyes look brighter!."


"I am really pleased to have found Danielle Collins face yoga DVD. I have been doing the exercises for about 4 months and have noticed a considerable difference.  
My face feels and looks more toned and I now feel I am delaying the signs of ageing."


"I have been doing Face Yoga for about 10 weeks now, about 6 times a week as recommended. It has become an integral part of my morning routine and I love it! My face is firmer and tighter, my skin tone seems to be more even and less ‘grey’."


"Before I started practicing Danielle's Face Yoga Method my face began showing puffiness and saggy due to ageing. After few months' practise, it has improved quite a lot. I felt my facial muscles relax immediately after first full session and after continuing to practise my face started the detox process. As I continued to practise my face started showing it's beauty both in skin texture or muscle tone."


"Hello, to the wonderful life saving Danielle! Hope your having, a great day? Would've got this email, out to you 10 hours ago, but couldn't stop looking in the mirror, and comparing myself with photos. Such an improvement! Still got lifting to do, which l know takes time. No more scepticism! it really works."

 There is a remarkable difference in just a few weeks in Sheila's face. The jaw line is more defined, there are less obvious wrinkles on the face and the eye area is smoother and tighter.

 These photos show Annie’s progress after 1 month of Face Yoga, then 3 months then 6 months. You can really see the progress under the eye area and on the forehead. Her skin looks smoother and more glowing as each month goes on. 

Sui has been doing The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method for 6 weeks and looks and feels healthier and glowing as well as seeing big difference in the eye area.

"I really enjoyed the Face Yoga class at the Vitality Show. I have bought the CD by Danielle Collins and each day I take some time to sit and follow her instructions. I hold a lot of tension in my face and ears. I would recommend for those who are like me, as each time I massage the skin, I have a little less pain and feel a little calmer."


"So in love with my results from your 10 day course. Can’t believe the changes in such a small time. I do your Face Yoga every single day, sometimes twice if I have the time and great to hear the course doesn’t expire. I love it so much. I don’t ever want to get Botox but my crows feet were bothering me. Now that I’ve been doing your course I don’t notice any lines on my face. So happy with the results, thank you."


 Before and after Face yoga