Blog Six: The 5 Wellness Habits I Do Daily Which May Surprise You

The Face Yoga Expert blog 6

If you follow me on social media, listen to my podcast, or have read my book, you know that I am an avid fan of face yoga, yoga, meditation, and nutritious green smoothies.

All of those things are a part of my daily routine, but that doesn’t really come as a surprise to anyone.

However, I do have some other daily habits that do wonders for my body, mind, and soul, but that I don’t usually talk about, which is exactly what today’s article is about.

Danielle Collins The Face Yoga Expert

Curious? Keep reading!

  1. High Touch Acupressure

High touch acupressure is also known as Jin Shin, which means to “know oneself” in Japanese.

Gentle, non-invasive, and suitable for all ages, degrees of health, and physical ability, high touch acupressure is something I’ve done every single day without fail since I was 21, and that was a huge part of my healing process when I was chronically ill with ME – so much so that it became an ingrained part of my routine, even after I recovered!

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  1. Gratitude

Most of us believe we are grateful, but gratitude should actually be a structured daily practice. 

So, if you have the time, take a moment of each day to write down the things you’re grateful for. If you don’t have time, or simply don’t want to write things down, do this exercise in your head, but make sure to do it in a very mindful way.

  1. The Yantra Mat

The Yantra Mat is a 100% cotton acupressure mat that “contains 8,820 acupressure contact points. There are 210 spike flowers on the mat and each flower alone contains 42 pressure points.”

All of these flowers have been carefully positioned in order to provide equal pressure at all times and using the mat for 20 minutes per day can help you relieve stress, improve sleep, boost energy, and relieve body aches.

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  1. Dark Chocolate

As you might know, I’m very into healthy eating.

However, I do have a little treat every day: two squares of dark chocolate (85%, preferably raw). Not only does this satisfy my sugar cravings, but it also provides me with several (scientifically proven) health benefits:

  • It’s a source of fibre, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, antioxidants, and more;
  • It may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure;
  • It can help prevent heart disease;
  • It is beneficial for your skin.
  1. Lemon and Hot Water

Every single day when I wake up, I fill my mug with ¾ of hot boiled water and ¼ of cold filtered water. Then I get either half a lemon, or a whole one, and squeeze it into the water.

I drink this first thing in the morning and then wait about 30 minutes before I eat my breakfast. 

Doing so promotes hydration, increases vitamin C intake, reduces weight gain, improves insulin resistance, helps prevent signs of aging skin, and more.

Now that you know about five wellness habits I do every single day, you may want to incorporate them into your own routine, and start glowing from the inside out.

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