Blog 182: Here’s 5 Myths About Face Yoga

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Over the past 17 years I have seen millions of people enjoy and get results from The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method. I have also seem that some people have had doubts and apprehensions about some aspects of Face Yoga prior to starting. Today I am sharing with you the 5 biggest myths about Face Yoga and why they aren’t true!

1. Exercising your face gives you wrinkles (not true!)

When the exercises are done in a controlled way using all 3 layers of the skin and using fingers to smooth any creases (a mirror helps with this) then the muscles are exercised and the skin is tightened and smoothed. 

2. Massaging your face drags your skin (not true! 

In The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method we only do 2 types of massage. Either a very gentle touch where the skin doesn’t move but the lymphatic system is stimulated or a deeper massage using moisturising serum for glide and working right down to the muscle to lift and firm. 

3. Touching your face is bad (not true!)

If your hands are dirty plus you have make up on it’s not good to touch the face. But if you have clean hands, a clean face and applied your skincare then it’s great to touch your skin! 

4. The only way to slow down wrinkles is Botox (not true!)

Whilst Botox is definitely a quicker result than Face Yoga and it’s fine to choose this path, if you decide that Botox isn’t for you, there are lots of natural alternatives with Face Yoga being the best! Yes it takes time and dedication to do Face Yoga but you have a natural easy and effective tool for life in your own hands. Oh and for the record I haven’t had Botox but I never judge anyone who does. 

5. Face Yoga takes time and money (not true)

Even if you only do 2 minutes a day that’s better than nothing and your skin will thank you for it. And we all have 2 minutes! And there are loads of ways you can do it for free, just head to my YouTube channel Face Yoga Expert and you’ll see. 

Let me know, has this busted any myths/concerns you have had? 

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