Blog Twenty-one: 3 Face Yoga Moves you can’t Live Without


Yoga is wonderful for mind, body and soul. It is easy to forget however, that we have 57 muscles in the face, neck, head, tongue and ears which need strength and relaxation too. Face Yoga is a wonderful way to complement a Yoga practice but even if you aren’t a Yogi, you can enjoy Face Yoga as a stand alone routine. 

As with all Yoga, don’t forget about mastering your breathing techniques, as breathing correctly will help both your skin and muscles.

Spend 2 to 30 minutes a day doing Face Yoga and you should see results when you do it daily. If you don’t have that much time, focus on these top three techniques, but you should still try to do them almost every day to see the best results. You can build them into your morning bathroom routine to help wake yourself up and refresh your skin after a long night’s sleep or use them just before retiring to bed.

You can enjoy these via video too.

Upper Face Exercise

Perform this eye movement that is derived from Yoga and Indian medicine. Your eye health will benefit from these exercises and it will smooth fine lines around your eyes too. Place a hand on your forehead and look up and then down and side to side to strengthen your eye muscles.

Our foreheads are constantly tense, and this type of exercise can alleviate wrinkles in the forehead and strengthen the eyes. This type of exercise is going to give your eyes their full range of motion, which strengthens your eyes and also takes some of the pressure off your forehead, which could help prevent you regularly wrinkling your brow.

Lower Face Toner

To tone your muscles in your lower face, make an O shape around the mouth, wrap your lips around your teeth, and return to the O shape. Do this for a few seconds, and then hold the smile shape. Place your index finger on your chin, scoop the jaw backwards and down. 

With the finger pushing in towards the muscles, feel the resistance and your muscles strengthening. This is just like any strength workout – you may be aware of your muscles working for a little while you’re doing it or even the day after (but it should never feel painful). The best thing is that you will gain strength if you are consistent and stick with it. 

Tapping Technique

Take your fingers and tap all over your forehead. This boosts circulation and brings blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the skin surface and relaxes tension under the muscle. Do a light tap under the eyes, since the skin there is more delicate than elsewhere. Go all the way over your cheeks. Use some Fusion by Danielle Collins serum which can help to penetrate the skin and add hydration.

Do this technique for about one minute per day, and you will see your face gain a glow. Completing all of these techniques will help remove toxins and bloat as well as increase muscle tone, which should cause your cheekbones to become more pronounced and defined. 

A few reminders – any time you are handling your face, make sure you wash both your face and hands before you begin. If you do not, you could end up rubbing dirt into your pores, which will work against you as you attempt to detoxify and cleanse your skin.If you would like to teach these wonderful techniques to others, you may like our accredited certification in Face Yoga

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